Joy Circles Facilitator Certification Program

The Joy Circles Certification Program is designed to prepare the qualified individual to successfully guide Joy Circles groups. The course covers the science behind Joy Circles, how to use circles, movement to music and models as engagement tools.  The certification program prepares the learner to guide the group in reading activities and discussion time, particularly using “Heart Talk” strategies for covering emotional topics.

Course Information

Course Instructor

Barbara Thomason Barbara Thomason Author

One Time Payment

    • Course Requirements
      • Required Reading
      • Facilitator Agreement and Program Grading
    • Why Joy Circles?
      • The Durlak-Weissberg Studies
      • Joy Circles Values
    • Neuroscience of Social-Emotional Learning
      • The Brain
      • Childhood Trauma
      • Polyvagal Theory
    • Circles
      • The Circle Way
      • Circle Applications
    • Joy Circles Movement
      • Movement Research
      • Joy Circles Movement
      • Music Selections
    • Models As Tools
      • Concepts
      • Retention & Retrieval
    • Reading
      • Reading Skills Improvement
      • Titles
      • Contemporary Issues
    • Session Format
      • Timings by Format
    • Facilitator Standards & Practice Session
      • Body Language & Vocalization
      • Professionalism & Dress
      • Practice Session & Certification, Appendix