Facilitator Certification Program

The Joy Circles Facilitator Certification Program is designed to prepare the qualified individual to deliver the Joy Circles programs. Most Joy Circles facilitators are independent contractors who set up their own business structure to deliver this instruction. The exception is the employee who is being certified by their organization as a function of their position in the private or public institution.

If an individual has decided to pursue this path, they first indicate their interest using the online interest form. Additionally, they are asked to upload a resume complete with professional references and an essay. The essay must be at least 600 words and answer the question, “Why do you want to be a Joy Circles Facilitator?”

If the individual meets the basic requirements, an online interview is scheduled. The prerequisites are listed below.

Pre-requisites to enter Joy Circles Certification Program:

  1. Be 21 years of age.
  2. Demonstrate significant experience working with youth in the target age group.
  3. Be willing to fulfill the prerequisite reading requirements for the Facilitator Certification Program.
  4. Be willing to participate in at least two virtual group sessions and one practice teaching session.
  5. Payment by the individual or their sponsoring organization of the Certification fee. Fees are noted below.

Facilitator Certification Fee Schedule:

First-time Certification: $2,850 – Extends for two years. This fee also provides a teaching kit that equips the facilitator to deliver Joy Circles.

First-time Certification within Host Organization – As defined per the organization’s contract.

Recertification (every two years) – $250 – 6 hours of approved CEUs must be documented and proof the facilitator has been actively facilitating sessions.

The Facilitator Certification Program has four component parts:

  1. Pre-requisite Reading- A list of three valuable foundation books is found in Appendix A of both the Joy Circles Facilitator Guide and the Facilitator Certification Guide.
  2. Approximately ten to sixteen hours of self-study either using the hard-copy Certification Guide or an online study program.
  3. Two to three one-hour Zoom classes to summarize chapters and field questions.
  4. A practice session at one of the Joy Circles locations if available. If no class is convenient to the facilitator, a role-play event may be arranged.

Send the Interest Indicator Form (below). If invited, email a resume with references and essay . The form would simply capture full name, full address, email, cell phone and yes, I want to be a Joy Circles Facilitator or I would like to be contacted with more details regarding the opportunity to become a Joy Circles Facilitator.

Joy Circles Facilitator Interest Form