Facility Requirements

Joy Circles is offered on-site at approved locations

Room Configuration & Technology

As the name Joy Circles implies, the room that is used for the gathering should have ample space for a circle of chairs with or without tables or comfortable floor seating so that 8-12 children have space around their bodies. There should be adequate lighting for reading. The location should be free of outside noises that could distract the group. The facilitator sits on the same kind of seat that the youth participants sit on, not higher or lower whether on a chair or the floor.

The facilitator will use technology in the form of a laptop, projector, screen, and/or flip chart. They will need easy access to the internet for showing videos during some sessions. Additionally, the facilitator should have access to technology assistance if needed during the session.

Middle Grade Fiction

Joy Circles utilizes a set of middle-grade books appropriate for fourth-, fifth-, and sixth-grade readers. The books have characters of this age group involved in contemporary situations that provide discussion topics for the group. Youth participants may read the book outside of the group gathering, but reading will be done during the gathering to help build reading and vocabulary skills, confidence in speaking out loud among peers, and good listening skills. The facility will need to provide secure storage for the book sets.

Organizations interested in finding out more may email Info@Joy-Circles.com and request a virtual or in-person meeting OR indicate an interest on the Contact Joy Circles Form.