Why would my child need Joy Circles™ or any SEL program?

We believe all pre-teens can benefit from the Joy Circles™ program because it provides unique tools previously only available to adults to help them communicate, feel good about themselves, and develop strong values. There are some children for whom Joy Circles™ is a critical need. These are young ones struggling with relationships and self-regulation and who are finding this struggle getting in the way of their progress in school and socialization. We strongly recommend this program for children challenged in these ways.

What requirements are there to become a Joy Circles Facilitator?

An individual must be at least 21 years of age, pass the screening interview, and complete the Joy Circles Certification Program. If they are to deliver the program in certain organizations such as school districts, there will also be background checks, etc. More information can be found at ‘Facilitator Certification Program’.

Which programs are free and which have a fee?

The programs delivered free to participants are the

  • JC2 program, a 3-session program for parent and child in grades 4-6
  • STEP Parent Education Program, though parents are asked to cover the cost of their course book.

The Joy Circles Program for youth may or may not have a fee depending on the organization hosting the program. For example, a school district may invest in Joy Circles so that they may offer it at no cost to families.

What happens during a typical Joy Circles session with the children?

This is covered in the JC2 Workshops, but a cursory breakdown is:

  • Movement to Music
  • Calming Breath to Focus
  • Review of Previous Week’s Models/Activities
  • Chapter Reading and Discussion Questions
  • Introduction of 1-2 Models for Life; Interactive Activity
  • Closing Circle

What happens during a JC2 workshop session?

As the name implies, Joy Circles-to-the-second-power is powerful in that both parent and child participate, bringing synergy to the 45-minute session. Two parents can attend, but at least one parent must come to all three sessions. Parents should be ready to loosen up, move to music, and enjoy themselves like they did when they were ten years old. We will also introduce some useful Models for Life that families can use to make life at home JOYFUL!

How can our school get Joy Circles™?

Private and public school systems may explore if the Joy Circles program will fit their organization by contacting us at Info@Joy-Circles.com or by contacting us through the Contact form on this website.