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Activity: Academy Awards


This activity aims to create a mental state of positivity in an individual or group. It is an activity that can be enacted within a specific period of time or it can be interspersed throughout a day or week. This activity can be appropriate for any age group that understands the concept of the Academy Awards.


Create five “awards” to be presented to others throughout the time period for the activity. If it is an item that the recipient would not keep permanently, be sure the group understands this. If it is a sticker or ribbon, the young person would be able to keep it.

If the activity continues throughout the week, it could be a block of wood or statue that has a listing where all recipients for each day are listed. This would allow an unlimited number of recipients!

Participants are to go through the day looking for Academy Award winners for any and every possible category: “Lindsey wins an Academy Award in the category of biggest smile today!” “Carlton wins an Academy Award for the category of brightest socks!”
“Mrs. Jones wins an Academy Award in the category of best homework assignment!”
This exercises those muscles of positive reinforcement and helps the group bond.