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Spring 2024 E-Newsletter

Spring 2024 E-Newsletter

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Remember what it was like being the “new kid on the block”? Joy Circles is the new kid on the block and we are looking for friends, champions, alliances, YOU!

Joy Circles is a unique transformational social-emotional learning program designed for 4th-6th graders that combines the best SEL strategies with reading skills improvement and social skills attainment. Your organization may have robust SEL programming and there are many outstanding programs out there, but until you have fully reviewed the impact Joy Circles can have on those young ones at that critical crossroads of life, you are leaving opportunity at the door. Just click below for a no-obligation email conversation:


Do I Know How I Feel?

Contributed by Susanna Stratford, Kids Thrive Hive LLC

Recently I read an article stating that two out of three people don’t know how they feel at any given time. I don’t know what kind of science is behind that statement, but it caused me to think about the children I know and work with in my youth life coaching practice.

As a certified Youth Life Coach, I have the opportunity to interact with kids ages 7-16 almost daily. When I’m in a group and have less personal time with the children I don’t ask, “How are you?” because almost always the response is either, “Fine,” or “Good.” That gives me no picture of how that child really is. I’ve started asking what was a power ‘surge’ or ‘outage’ they had that day.

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SEL Boosts Academics

SEL Boosts Academics

Many school administrators and school boards question the value of spending valuable class time on social-emotional learning (SEL) at the apparent expense of math, reading, science, and other academic subjects. They fear losing ground with state testing scores and student progress.



Parent’s Corner

The Joy Circles website features a tab with special resources designed specifically for families, whether home-schooling parents, stay-at-home parents, or working parents. Check it out at

The Joy Circles staff are always looking for better ways to serve you. So would you like a monthly “Parent Kit” mailed right to your door that is geared for the ages of children in your home? Answer this 2-minute survey and you might win a prize just for answering!

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Tower Garden

Growing plants is an ideal accompaniment to social-emotional learning in the school or home setting. The Tower Garden® makes the process easy, clean and full of learning!  Here is how:

  • Provides an opportunity for young people to succeed at gardening
  • Garden sits at eye-level every day for year-round indoor gardening
  • Clean, nutrient-dense, tastier food – encourages healthy eating
  • Grows plants 3X faster than traditional gardening
  • Recycles 100% of nutrients and water (minimal water used)
  • No pesticides or herbicides
  • Educational resource tools, including free lesson plans provided for subjects such as math and science.

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SEL Day is March 8, 2024

SEL Day is March 8, 2024

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Social emotional learning (SEL) changes lives—studies show that SEL improves well-being and academic outcomes, builds a positive school climate, and provides children with the necessary skills to excel in today’s workforce. Yet many members of our communities don’t know about SEL yet.

SEL Day is an opportunity to collectively spread the word about the importance and impact of SEL. Working together, we can raise awareness for SEL, bring on new SEL stakeholders, create artifacts that demonstrate SEL in action, share SEL best practices… and more!

Today’s Students, Tomorrow’s Leaders: SEL Day 2024 will give young people around the world the opportunity to showcase the SEL skills they use to become leaders in their schools and communities.

Make your commitment today to showcase SEL in your community, promote SEL to your personal and professional networks, advocate SEL with your local policymakers, and support SEL in your local schools, organizations, and community.

Commit to as many actions as you can—even a single action can make a big difference. We are so excited to see all your great energy coming together collectively to showcase, promote, advocate and support SEL!

Last year, we gained over 10 million views from 5,000+ mentions of #SELday! This year, with your collaboration, we can reach more than 12 million people and impact the lives of millions of children around the globe.

Please help spread the word by sharing this announcement with your networks!