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The Joy Circles Program goes where the children are!

We often hear, “Why don’t they teach kindness, happiness, and social skills in school?”  Others argue that this is the role of parents. While we don’t disagree with a parent’s role, parents are not standing on the playground or in the hall during that “teachable moment”. There are so many reasons to meet children where they congregate if we are to impact their socialization skills.

It can be a challenge to fit social-emotional learning (SEL) into a full school day. This is where Joy Circles is unique. There are outstanding programs that successfully integrate SEL into teachers’ lesson plans. Yet we hear teachers report that they are under too much pressure to meet academic and testing objectives to try to place SEL in their course objectives. They are not held accountable for SEL in the same way they are held accountable for math and reading scores.

Joy Circles is a stand-alone program that utilizes certified facilitators who are held accountable for social-emotional learning. Click the link for more information about Facilitator Certification. The program targets fourth through sixth graders at any reading level whether they are receiving special services or are gifted learners.

Joy Circles can be incorporated into:

  • Public schools
  • Private schools
  • After-school programs
  • Camps
  • Psychiatric programs

The Joy Circles program can be incorporated into the regular school day or after school. Creativity and flexibility are key components of the program. The program is best delivered two to three times per week. The sessions can be 30, 60, or 90 minutes in length to accommodate the needs of the families and the hosting organization.


Hosting organizations enter into a contractual agreement with LeaderShift, LLC, the parent company for the Joy Circles program. Organizations may choose 6, 12, or 24-month terms, and may choose to retain ownership of the book sets, facilitator materials, and the Facilitator Guides.

Additionally, the hosting organization may designate individuals they wish to proceed through the certification program, providing they meet the requirements. All of these options are considered in the terms of the agreement and influence the investment made by the hosting organization.

Facility Requirements

Joy Circles is offered on-site at approved locations. Read More about space, technology, and book requirements here.

Organizations interested in finding out more may email and request a virtual or in-person meeting OR indicate an interest on the Contact Joy Circles Form.